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Jing Gang Cuilu cha 井岡翠緑茶 Teas of Jianxi province.

Teas from Jianxi  province are not  very popular abroad.   In this province  there are more than 20 kinds of high  quality green teas which are  worth to  enjoy their taste.

One of those teas  is Jing Gang Cuilu cha井岡翠緑茶

The place origin of  Cuilu Jade green  tea are Jinggang Mountains 井岡山- known as the birthplace of the Chinese Red Army.  Nowadays famous tourist spot  -so  probably  there is one of  reasons why this tea  is well known.
 Jing Gang Cuilu cha 井岡翠緑茶 is quite good even it suppose to be an ordinary standard quality leaves picked in May - not selected one from April's  first fresh buds .

typical for the older green tea leaves

water temp about 80C  for  30sec.

 and impression:
Even color of brewed tea is dark yellow, liquid has a tender taste, without bitterness,also without a pleasant particular scent.   Just  tea for everyday sipping 

just  green tea.

The other probably the  most famous tea  of Jianxi province   is  Lu Shan Cloud Mist  (廬山雲霧 Lu Shan Yun -Wu)  from Lu Shan Mtn. . Widely exported abroad.

Each part of  Jianxi province has own local teas and some of them are quite good like Magu Tea (麻姑茶 ) from Magu Mountain ( 江西省南城)
Official list of most famous taeas in Jianxi:

List  of Jianxi's traditionl teas - official guideline  on web:

      雲淋茶yun lin cha 
wo keng cha 
jiu long cha 
gou gu nao cha
gao ling yun leng 
shan gu cui lu 
zan lin cha 
xiu gu mao jian 
zhou da tie cha 
shang rao bai mei 
xiao bu yan cha 
xin jiang yu rong cha 
rui zhou huang bo cha 
ling an fei cui 
jing gang cui lu cha 
quan lling yin hao 
shuang jing lu 
tong tian yan cha 
tian gong cha 
de yu huo cha 
wan long song zhen 
wu yuan mo ju
wu yuan ming mei

wu zhou ju yan
fu liang chun yu 

fu liang mao feng

wen gong yin hao
ma gu cha
luo feng cha
long wu cha
ling yan jian feng cha
lu shan yun wu 

Also there is  popular Hong CHA ( 紅茶  )       寧紅工夫 

ning hong gong fu

Changes in recent China have big influence of tea situation. Official guideline of  teas is not showing  what going on  in China.
   For example nowadays at  Magu Mountain ( 南城-麻姑山) they  produce  :
 Magu Black Tea(麻姑紅茶 )
 Magu Tie Guan Yin ( 麻姑 )   
Magu Rock oolong (麻姑岩茶  - Sui Xian plant )   
and  finally   traditional  green   Magu Tea  -麻姑茶

In famous tea region Wu Yuan ( 婺源  ) we  find  many  kinds of teas including   standard teas like :

There is a tea of lowest quality which are served  for free in restaurants :

Also we can find new   teas like Jing'an  BAICHA  from   靖安白茶(緑茶)  (but plant is from  Anji)

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