Bạch Hạc tra and do gom pottery; Viet style tea enjoyment - Thuongtra

 Bạch Hạc Tra could be very great refreshment for hot lazy summer afternoon.

The origin that green tea is Thái Nguyên  -Tân Cương. region (north Vietnam. ) Drinking tea on Vietnamese way means relax time and cozy feeling. It is interesting how  that simple tea can bring you lot of positive vibrations.

That tea served in original Vietnamese tea set is even  more  than fun. Great  pleasure to enjoy both tea Vn, and Bat trang pottery.

Vietnamese tea and tea culture is rather unknown abroad. But these day we can see new era for tea interest in this coutry. The places like shows that love for tea is spreading. I hope to try more and more fresh and original tea from Vietnam introduced and selected by people who devote himself to discovering power of Camelia Sinensis... Exactly like Mr. Nguyễn Việt Bắc  from Thuongtra

such  a  nice crack on the tea cup

Japanese have deep interest in viet pottery which can be out of perfection

  Viet Nam Trà Khí  - dep lam !

Water temp. above 80C

Bạch Hạc  tea - in the pot  3 infusions  and  slow time   fun.

just one cup of   selected  Viet  green tea is great !  not only fun - but relaxation

watching  simple  pottery -
 we can  observe skill  of hand painted vessels

 Source of tea leaves Thuong Tra Hanoi Vn.